An eco-friendly collab.

Eco cup collection

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Ecoware Dside


We partnered with New Zealand based Artist, DSIDE (Damin Radford Scott).

Dside wields the public impact he has built from over a decade of painting some of New Zealand’s biggest public walls.

Known for activating concepts and awareness in support of local and global environment and conservation issues, focusing on climate change, pollution and extinction.

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Giving back

We recognise the harmful impact we can have on natural resources, and as a nation, we can do better.

The Maui Dolphin is a symbolic and real example of this critical era. It is time we made changes.

100% of profits from this collection will be donated to NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust to help save them. Let their motion continue and the story be that we dodged their extinction with better choices.

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Re Cycle

This collaboration supports effective action towards improved sustainability.

Dside’s collection represents what he sees as a key aspect – removing static by enabling momentum; zero-waste systems to keep the cycle in motion.

He depicts active use with minimal waste to keep the cycle in motion.

This particular cup, took the cycling literally.

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All four cup designs are animatable depictions of continual motion.

Each is a self-sustaining loop with no start and no end, indicating the potential for continuous movement within the environment.

But, the animation only works with interaction and the choice to make an active input.

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The Black Robin

The Chatham Island Black Robin has a survival story worth recognition.

Our little species was on the brink of extinction; 5 birds and just one fertile female, ‘Little Blue’. This dire situation was caused because our choices effected their survival.

In a famous conservation effort, they were saved from extinction.

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Maui's Dolphin

Maui’s Dolphin is the world’s rarest dolphin, and one of two native cetacean species.

They are currently under huge threat of extinction due to our impact on their home, the ocean. Dside fondly sees this species as a national symbol of a decision point.

We could continue our bad habits and let them go extinct, or like the Black Robin, we could act with better choices and save them from extinction.

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